X Spaces || July 7.25.15 and 7.26.15

The premiere of X Spaces (Ten Spaces) had the opportunity of gracing Terminus 330, a gorgeous space located in the heart of Atlanta!  X Spaces was a two-day event held on July 25th and 26th 2015, presented by Cultivating Cultures and Terminus 330, in association with The Major Gallery and Primary Colors.  The event served as an artistic platform for many local artists, including Pash Lima, Adelaide Tai, Funk The World, Kyeoshin, Mr. Paul, AB, Neil Fried, Wednesday Bluz, Trevis, and Mreeuh Chang, to not only showcase their work but to also exercise their creative processes as Artists to cultivate artistic interactive spaces that produced a story that would be relatable to their audience. The artists that participated in X Spaces were able to achieve the challenge of cultivating versatility within them selves as well as convey the biggest differentiation between art on the wall and allowing one to truly feel the expressions of their work. Cultivating Cultures not only addressed some of the challenging issues in the art scene today but also merged ideas with radio show host, Dani the Ninja to establish questions to assist with the perception of each artists’ work versus the audience’s interpretations.  Cultivating Cultures is beyond honored to have worked with such an amazing talented group of individuals and look forward to their future work. Please look out for the next X Spaces, partnered with A3C Hip Hop Festival on October 9th + 10th. 

Photography Credits: Will Feagins, Brent Gates, and Toni Williams