Video Credit: Will Feagins - High Impact Multimedia


X Spaces: A3C edition was an amazing two-day artistic experience held at Terminus 330 in the heart of downtown Atlanta!  The event was presented by Cultivating Cultures and Terminus 330, in association with A3C Hip Hop Festival, Jack Daniels, The Major Gallery and Primary Colors, LLC.  The event served as an artistic platform for many featured Visual Artists from around the U.S., including Delta Tango Mike, Brainfood, Mad Desperado, X the Artist, C. Jefferson, Myra Shana, Dammit Wesley, Arielle Symone and C. Flux Sing.  Special Guest Artists included Paper Frank, Jay Shells, FRKO, Pash Lima, Funk Tha World, Fabian, Diwang Valdez and Kyeoshin.  Amazing music was provided by Whitney AbstraKt, DJ Hourglass, DJ Deliver, Source One, DJ Smooch, DJ Kali Chris, DJ Sir Lema and DJ ETL.  Also, there were interactive pop up activities that engaged the audience such as vinyl scratching lessons provided by Scratch Out Loud and live music performances provided by Nai Br.xx and Joya Bravo.  The artists that participated in X Spaces were able to achieve the challenge of cultivating versatility within them selves as well as convey the biggest differentiation between art on the wall and allowing one to truly feel the expressions of their work. Cultivating Cultures not only addressed some of the challenging issues in the art scene today but also merged ideas with radio show host, Dani the Ninja to establish questions to assist with the perception of each artists’ work versus the audience’s interpretations.  Cultivating Cultures is beyond honored to have worked with such an amazing talented group of individuals and look forward to their future work.

Photography Credit:  Kelley Raye