Wednesday Bluz

Wednesday Bluz, is an abstract painter from Atlanta, GA. Danielle’s creative energy started in the earlier stages of her life.

The name "Wednesday Bluz" came about after she dedicated her late night painting sessions to Wednesdays. Painting became more than a hobby, but rather the ultimate cure from the blues. Wednesday continues to paint custom works for various clients across the U.S.

She enjoys bringing out different colors by mixing and layering various hues and creating unique texture in vintage inspired pieces and utilizing the beauty that can come from repurposed canvas such as different wood pieces. No two pieces are the same and this is clear to her buyers, as they are continuously surprised at the uniqueness of each of her original creations. 

Wednesday Bluz looks forward to continued collaborations and creating masterful pieces designed specifically for each person’s color and style. Her works can be seen best in several boutiques and homes throughout the Atlanta metro area.