scratch out loud

ScratchOutLoud is Atlanta’s only all vinyl DJ school that offers DJ lessons and classes using old school equipment for new school entertainment. ScratchOutLoud provides aspiring DJ's the opportunity to learn about vinyl records, while using old school mixers and turntables that originally made dj's the life of the party.


ScratchOutLoud was started in 2013 by Atlanta native DJ Princess Cut. When she wasn’t on the road touring with Goodie Mob or for Oprah’s ‘Life You Want’ Tour, she saw how people both old and young would be fascinated by the way she worked the turntables. She knew there was a lot of new technology to make it easier to be a DJ, but it’s not about it being easy it’s about continuing to spread the original foundation and the real art of where it came from. It was chance encounter with fellow music lover and community advocate EHall that they decided to team up to form all vinyl DJ School, and ScratchOutLoud was born.

Even more so than business EHall and Princess Cut (@DJprincesscut) hope ScratchOutLoud will become a community center and catalyst for artistic collaboration among Atlantas' DJ's, artists, and musicians.