PaperFrank is an internationally known acrylic painter and professional tattoo artist. Born in 1990 with a natural talent passed down through artistic family members, he spent his childhood developing his artistic ability in his hometowns of Atlanta, GA and Asheville, NC. With poor vision that allows him to see the world in large, simplistic shapes and colors, PaperFrank translated his weak eyesight into the inspiration for his renowned style. Combining illustrative and contemporary styles, he creates large acrylic paintings featuring his iconic characters and striking palette. He has exhibited his works in many solo and group exhibitions at a wide variety of locations including Dashboard, Blue Mark Studios, W. M. Turner Gallery, Low Brow Artique, and ABV Gallery . In addition to these exhibitions, he has large indoor and outdoor murals around the country in cities including Atlanta, Asheville, NC, and New York City. PaperFrank has built a broad and diverse fan base over his short time as a professional visual artist. As a result, his iconic characters Damien and Jessica are enjoying international recognition.