Myra Shana

Myra Shana has been influencing the Atlanta art scene with her signature Mandalas, Arabic Calligraphy, and Henna designs. Her unique style blends traditional art with the modern, and incorporates sacred geometry with her unique brush technique, calligraphy that brings the beautiful Arabic script alive and custom henna tattoos that transform the body into her canvas. Myra Shana has been featured in events at the legendary City of Ink, Doo Gallery, 2 Chainz "Trapevelli" store via The Street Execs, HOBI Studios and more. Her art has been featured in events at Terminal West and Pandemic Gallery in NYC. As her mixed-media art makes its way across the country, Myra Shana continues to inspire the public through various mediums with beauty that widens eyes to new creations of resplendent Art.