Darrell Chacon Thomas II aka Funk Tha World is a versatile artist born on July 24, 1988 in College Park, Georgia. His passion for art began as far back as he could remember; he used to get into trouble because he drew on  the walls in his house, until his grandmother introduced him to an alternative: paper.  After that, the only way to keep the budding artist still was to place a pen and paper in front of him until he graduated to larger canvases.

As Funk's passion deepened, his desire to learn his craft arose as he attended and graduated with his Associates from GA Military College, and his Bachelor of Fine Art's Degree at Albany State University shortly thereafter. School sharpened his already potent skills and he again sought another canvas as he began a tattoo apprenticeship at Iron Palm Tattoos.\par

Funk has a style of his own. With his unique color scheme and ingenious concepts,  he brings his character P.U. tha Skunk.  A skunk in search of his Funk.

In the future, the 26-year-old artist sees himself traveling the world, discovering more canvases for him to leave his funk (mark) on (including but certainly not limited to the occasional tattoo enthusiast, gallery, or taking it full circle: walls.) Funk Tha World also envisions himself working with corporations by bringing their ideas to life through illustration and graphic design and, as always, enjoying art aka life.