EDGE || October 18th, 2015

EDGE, where art equals fashion.  EDGE is an experience that captivates its audience with the limitless genres of technique that invite both, fashion and art to wed as one. While spectators embody the vitalities of the procession of cutting-edge ensembles, Edge, advantages many learning opportunities of the diverse brands, fabrications, and process of the clothes and accessories parading before them.  Edge, accents its events with live painters that are able to challenge the ideology of what equates fashion to art.  

The first edition of EDGE was inclusive of the brands, Liz and Bee, Subculture, No\R, The Luv Tribe , Jah Revamped, Red Tag Affair.  Vendors included Always Brunch, Sentelle the bartender, Innate Expressions, Brain Food Clothing, Scratch Out Loud, Rock Like Starz Hookah Group, the Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery [ Priscilla + Greg ] , Live painters: Sheila E, WednesdayBluz + Summer King, Q+ E from Security, ALL of our beautiful models, DJ Whitney AbstraKt, EDGE Beauty team: Shawnice, Isis, Angel + Tourissa, and the amazing photographer Ronnie Oveson.  Check out the images captured below and stay tuned for the next edition of EDGE.

Photography Credit: Ronnie Oveson - Why.Habit