DJ Deliver


Dj Deliver is one of the most dynamic Djs in the Atlanta music scene. The open format dj, producer and tastemaker has built a solid reputation for his unique ability to bridge the gap between mainstream and underground sounds while breaking the hottest new music. His love for various genres of new and classic music shines in his versatile Dj sets.

Dj Deliver began his road to becoming a Dj as a teenager growing up in Connecticut. He was heavily influenced by the music culture of neighboring New York City and was introduced to the concept of spinning records by watching Djs spin at neighborhood park jams. He became fascinated seeing the Djs manipulating the records and commanding the crowd's participation. It was the park jam experiences that inspired him to become a Dj. Deliver eventually saved up enough money to buy his own set of turntables and he practiced relentlessly day to day after school until he felt comfortable performing in front of an audience.

His first official gigs came by way of High School parties and eventually college parties. After building a reputation for being an official turntablist and party rocker, he landed a radio spot as a mixshow Dj at Yale University's 94.3 WYBC for the the Saturday night Hip Hop show called The Power Hour under the name Dj JayBee. The Power Hour was the platform that allowed him to break new music and gain radio experience. The radio spot also led to performances at live remotes, nightclubs and concert shows. Dj Deliver got his first concert performance experience as a tour Dj on a Epmd’s Hit Squad Tour. He continued working shows and producing music behind the scenes for several hip hop artist under different monikers before going on hiatus and reinventing himself as Dj Deliver.   

He settled with the new name and relocated to Atlanta, Ga in 2008 for a change of scenery. He immediately immersed himself into Atlanta’s vibrant music scene and instantly became influenced by the city’s culture. His breakout into the Atlanta music scene was by way of his self curated monthly music dance party called Retro Love Experience and an independent artist showcase called Hidden Treasures. Many of Atlanta’s who’s who of artist, nightclub promoters, move makers and creatives attended his events and acknowledged his unique style. This lead to bookings at some of Atlanta's hottest night spots, parties and concert events such as One Music Fest, A3C Hip Hop Festival, MJQ Concourse, Halo Lounge, The Sound Table and more. In 2011 he retuned to college radio and was added to the roster of Georgia Tech’s 91.9 WREK’s weekly two hour hip hop show called The WREK Room Renaissance. Dj Deliver has made guest appearances on shows such as Sirius Satellite Radio's Sway in the Morning Show and is the go to Dj for several Atlanta hip hop artist. Deliver is also co-founder and a resident Dj of Atlanta’s two year running underground party called Move and is also exploring new opportunities in radio/television.