DJ kalichris


Starting from tape decks in 1994 at the tender age of eight, Christopher Marks created homemade mixtapes from recordings off the radio and his families personal tape selection. As the era changed, so did he, switching to cd's and mp3. Christopher was a key component to the local house parties as he possessed all the hot & latest music. Later, Christopher discovered the technical side of music as he studied Radio Broadcasting at HendersonSTATE UNIVERSITY (Arkansas) in 2006 and eventually became known as "DJ KaliChris" a prime time radio host for Arkansas' KSWH 99.9 the Pulse. After carefully researching and studying the art of music and its impact on a crowd, DJ KaliChris bought his first pair of turntables and mixer in 2009. He's never looked back since.

From the streets of San Diego, CA to the zones of Atlanta, GA., DJ KaliChris aka "TroubleMonkey" has mutated himself into a musical juggernaut that possesses a keen ear and an innovative feel for massive beats. Talent ranging from West Coast sounds to Jersey Club Music from Texas Trill to Atlanta/Philly Trap. His arsenal is wide and dangerous & he's definitely not afraid to use his different array ofCRATES.

Having DJ'd for the likes of Bad Boy, Flip Mode, Konvict Music, MMG, Lil Cease, Candyman, The Beatnuts, Gillie The Kid, Shawty Lo, Waka Flocka, Jazzie Pha, Kelly Rowland, Tony Dofat, Black The Beast, & Tay F 3rd. DJ KaliChris aka TroubleMonkey was the official tour DJ for legendary MC Candyman, during his West Coast Old School Tour in the Spring of 2011.

You can catch DJ KaliChris spinning Top 40, EDM, Pop,Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance, Funk, Country, Old School, & Gospel. While DJ KaliChris' alter-ego "TroubleMonkey" on the other-hand is definitely geared towards the alternative, head-banging, edgy EDM sounds that surface your local raves and/or underground club scenes. TroubleMonkey drops sets that consist of Trap Music, Twerk, Freakstep, Hustle Music, Dubstep, House, Electro, & Classic Techno Music. Together, DJ KaliChris & TroubleMonkey redefine the elements of crowd control and essentially creates a bridge between contemporary and liberal listeners.

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