C. Jefferson

Courtney Jefferson, or C.Jefferson, is a documentary photographer and has immersed himself in 'Street Photography' for the past 7 years. He grew up in the Bronx and has been taking photographs since 1992, starting out with a simple polaroid camera at the age of 8. Courtney studied Architectural Engineering and Construction Management and is influenced by the symmetry, form, purpose and meaning of the structures that surround him, especially those in NYC. After gaining an Associates degree in Architectural Technology from Guilford Technical Community College in Greensboro, NC, Courtney was featured as "Artist in Residence" for Current Magazine for his innovative design of a two-family beach house made of 80% re purposed materials. He received his BA in Construction Management from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University and went on to teach and work for various firms and colleges until switching over to photography and design full-time in late 2013. Courtney's photography and design have been featured in Complex Magazine, XXL Magazine, MTV and countless other online blogs and print publications. He participated in the annual ARTiculate ATL art exhibition in July 2014 at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center in Buckhead, Georgia. More recently, he curated an exhibition, consisting of various photographs, displayed at Bija (Brooklyn, NY). Courtney also graced the August 2015 cover of Jenesis magazine which included a gallery showing of his work at Boom Concepts in Pittsburgh, PA.

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