C. Flux Sing

An import from Laurelton, New York, C. Flux Sing has made Atlanta his home for more than a decade. However, getting his just recognition as one of the city’s most revered artists took patience. Currently, Georgia's capital is taking on a revolutionary stance by finally embracing art in all its facets; in particular, Sing’s penchant for using vibrant color schemes which captivatingly tell a true story of the Black experience. Inspired by comic books, graffiti, abstract, design, urban decay and surrealism, Flux is driven to do something new that pushes the boundaries. But while he shines as a fine artist who consistently sells his artwork during exhibits including the globetrotting Art, Beats + Lyrics, “24 Reasons to Live” and I'm A Beast, Flux refuses to be pigeonholed. Major corporations including Boost Mobile, And 1, Scion, and New Balance regularly hire him for his grasp for graphic design, print media, and branding.

So whether it’s heading a new branding project or adorning a wall with a vibrant mural promoting perseverance, C. Flux Sing will always have an audience who will appreciate art that comes from the heart.